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This website will terminate on 22 October 2018. It has been an absolute honour to manage the Jessie Matthews Homepage, providing a resource for Jessie's fans. I have funded one more Month of the site being on-line, should anyone wish to use the site or archive its content. I am grateful for the memories and help that has been offered since starting the site and particularly thank those named on the acknowledgements page. I am sorry it has not been possible to provide a big update with lots of news and new features recently but there hasn't been anything to say. I wish you all my fondest regards and thank you all for visiting.

This website is a personal homage to a person who captured the hearts of the World in her musical comedy performances, on stage, film, radio, and television.

Starting as a child dancer Jessie made the big time aged 17 when she took over the lead from Gertrude Lawrence to rave reviews in "Charlot's Review of 1924". Today Jessie Matthews is most loved for her song, dance and comedy films of the nineteen thirties which include"Evergreen", "It's Love Again", and the risque "First A Girl". Jessie delighted audiences in the UK, USA, and Australia with her Revue's, Plays, Cabaret and Concerts from the 1920's to her death (from Cancer) in August 1981.
Her talent was not confined to musical comedy. She was the most popular British radio soap star in the 1960's as Mrs Dale in "Mrs Dale's Diaries".

Her cut glass voice, beautiful face, graceful manner, supple and vibrant dancing would thrill the world for 60 years. But inside her private domain, her life was rocked with scandal, ill health, broken marriages and insecurity.

If like me, you love everything Jessie and would like to see more of her film and television work or hear more of her music I have detailed the releases currently available (deleted titles may be found on auction websites).

To England's first Super-Nova I dedicate this web-site with love.

This website supports international human rights, secularism, and the protection of animals from cruelty. I hope here I provide a little relief from the ills of current affairs and provide some entertainment during your visit. Enjoy!!!

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