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9 years after Jessie Matthews Centenary

It is at the time of writing 9 years since we celebrated Jessie's Centenary. At the time of the Centenary there were all sorts of plans for film showings, new books, CDs and DVDs with the hope of the occasion rekindling interest and love of all things Jessie Matthews. For my part, apart from special updates for Jessie's homepage, I arranged for popular radio stations (in the UK) to pay tribute with a dedication and some songs, and I wrote a special feature about Jessie's life and her Centenary titled "Over My Shoulder" in the George Formby Society magazine "The Vellum", Winter 2006 issue as below.

Full details of the Centenary celebration are detailed in the feature "Jessie Matthews Centenary Retrospective"

Unfortunately the hard back that was announced in my article for 'The Vellum' was not released due to legal technicalities. I have kept in touch with Author Michael Thornton, and I am still hopeful that Michael will release another book about Jessie at some point in the future.
The Centenary generated new interest in Jessie particularly by the DVD company 'Network'. Since the Centenary, most of Jessie's films have now been released on DVD.
There has been much interest also on YouTube including this very rare treat - home cine footage of Jessie on stage in the show "Come Out To Play" (1940). "Ebay" has had many items of Jessie memorabillia for auction including CDs DVDs, Movie Stills, Publicity flyers, Pressbooks, Theatre Programmes, and much more. Of note there were many beautiful photos. Here are a few that have been sold on Ebay recently:

One of the new Jessie resources heralded by the Centenary is the British Film Instuitute's archive of Jessie material archive on line which includes the films "First A Girl" and "Evergreen"
The Jessie Matthews Homepage has also been redesigned to be user friendly and relaunched with the new appropriate domain name (URL) : The homepage is compatible with both Windows and Android platforms and is faster and easier to navigate. Jessie's films continue to be broadcast around the world and are screened at special seasons in retrospective cinemas such as The National Film Theatre. Whilst not every project came to fruition the Centenary overall was a big success and 9 years on Jessie is as much loved the world over as ever.