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Jessie at the Sandown Park Races

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Cinemas Aid Hunger Fund.

Queen Mother goes to Royal Commonwealth Society to accept cheques for the Freedom From Hunger Campaign. London. M/S pan across Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother walking into the building accompanied by Sir Gilbert Rennie. Interior L/S of guests gathered. C/U's Millicent Martin with Jessie Matthews. L/S as the Queen Mother is presented with bouquet by Belinda Giles and Julius Adimola. M/S and C/U posters advertising the cause. Sir Philip Warter presents cheque to Queen Mother. C/U Belinda and Julius. M/S as Alderman Barber of the C.E.A.(Cinematograph Exhibitors Association) presents his cheque. C/U Lady Home presenting cheque. C/U Julius watching. M/S as Mrs Rab Butler presents her cheque. Pan across Freedom From Hunger Campaign posters. C/U Mrs Harry Secombe presenting a cheque. C/U Belinda. Camera pans with Queen Mother as she leaves the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Royal Film Performance of 'Sammy Going South' at Leicester Square, London. GV.

Exterior of the Odeon theatre, Leicester Square with crowd gathered to greet the celebrities arriving to Royal Film Performance of 'Sammy Going South'. SV. American film star Edward G. Robinson and British child actor Fergus McClelland, two stars of the film. GV. The two men enter the foyer. CU. Edward G. Robinson. SV. John Mills with family arriving. CU. Hayley Mills, daughter of John Mills, smiles at camera. SV. Norman Wisdom arriving. SV. Richard Todd and wife arriving. SV. The Queen Mother arriving, she is greeted by Sir Philip Warter (out of picture). Sir Philip greets Princess Margaret. SV. Sir Philip escorts the Queen Mother across foyer. SV. Princess Alexandra and her fiancee Mr Angus Ogilvy walking across the foyer. GV. The stars assembled waiting to be presented. SV. The Queen Mother shakes hands with two unknown women. Sir Philip is introducing them. CU. The Queen Mother. GV. The Queen Mother being presented to people. CU. The Queen Mother. SV. Queen Mother talking to woman next to John Mills. SCU. Princess Margaret and her husband Lord Snowdon (Anthony Armstrong-Jones) talking to James Robertson Justice - only his back is seen. Queen Mother shaking hands with Hayley Mills. CU. Angus Ogilvy talking to James Robertson Justice. SV. Queen Mother being presented to German starlet Lisolette Pulver. SV. Mr Ogilvy chatting to actress Jessie Matthews. SV. Edward G. Robinson being presented to Queen Mother. CU. Edward G. Robertson, pan to Queen Mother. CU. Seven year old Jennifer King waiting to present bouquet. SV. Girl presenting bouquet to Princess Alexandra.


Lots of stars turn out for the Variety Club race meeting at Sandown Park, Surrey Variety Club race meeting at Sandown Park, Surrey. L/S of the paddock. M/S jockeys entering the paddock. M/S and C/U Liz Fraser and Leo Genn signing autographs. M/S crowds around the tote. M/S and C/U Billy Butlin and Billy Manning. M/S Nat Cohen buying raffle ticket for horse which is also in the picture. C/U horse. C/U Davy Kaye, George Arnold and Joe Loss. C/U Joe Loss, pan to Davy Kaye. M/S Terry Downes eating Knickerbocker Glory. C/U Bernard Cribbens and his wife. C/U Sir Gordon Richards. M/S Sidney James presenting trophy to the Duchess of Norfolk who owned the winner of the Booth's Gin handicap. C/U David Bickler collecting money from bookmaker. M/S and C/U Michael Medwin buying and eating ice cream. M/S Zsa Zsa Gabor with ice cream girl. C/U Carol Ann Ford signing autographs. M/S Michael Medwin presenting Cup to the daughter of the owner of the winner of the Cropford Handicap. Zsa Zsa Gabor and Ronald Shiner draw the winning ticket for the horse raffle. C/U Jessie Matthews and her manager looking on. C/U Zsa Zsa Gabor with Mr Lewis the winner of the horse.


Aerial shot ocean liner "Queen Mary" at sea. L/S John Brown and Co. Shipyard, Clyde Bank, Scotland. Aerial shots "Queen Mary". "Bluebird" making record breaking run at Coniston Water, Cumbria in 1959. Donald Campbell getting out of "Bluebird" and embraces wife Tonia after '65 record attempt. London. Various shots inside Selfridges department store - crowd of mainly women push and shove to get at January sales bargain. Various shots inside dressing rooms at Palladium Theatre: pop star Cliff Richard and pop group the Shadows lark about with glamorous actresses in pantomime costume. Cliff and the boys flirt with the girls and kiss them. Section Two - spacing. New Year party in progress at Peter Maurice music publishers: people dancing and singing. Pianist sits at piano and singer Jackie Lee stands beside him to perform her new song "I cry along" (natural sound - although Jackie is definitely miming to a record!) Big party at Albert Hall. C/U film star Ron Fraser and woman dancing. Various shots Peter Newell with partygoers. Various shots "Beach Party" swimwear beauty contest. Group of judges including Sydney Tafler and Ronald Fraser. Rupert Davies presents winner Rosemary Williams with sash. More shots crowds dancing. Various shots actress Margaret Rutherford and others including actress Jessie Matthews. C/U Rupert Davies and Richard Hearne (comedians, Mr Pastry) clowning about. Various shots Beatles manager Brian Epstein being interviewed by Pathe commentator Bob Danvers-Walker (natural sound). Epstein tips solo acts and folk music as big things in '65. A showgirl turns page of giant book with 1965. Various shots people dancing wildly as balloons are released from ceiling. Various shots crowds in Trafalgar Square, people splash about in fountains. Policemen arrest young men for being drunk and disorderly.


British film and TV stars appear for the crowds at Variety Club Fair in Battersea Park
GV Battersea Fun Fair from the big wheel. SV The Baker twins sitting on a seat on the big wheel. SV Mass crowd. GV The water chute car coming down into the water with Harry Corbett and Yvonne Marsh in the front seats and Terence Edmonds and Gloria Best in the rear seats. SV Pan Stanley Baker and Liz Fraser step onto a roundabout. GV Crowds queuing up to buy autographs signed by various stars. CU Pan down Harry Corbett signing autographs pan to others signing. GV Crowds round autograph stand. CU Bruce Forsyth. CU Cilla Black. CU Terry Downes. SV Dennis Shaw walking towards camera (Fat man). CU Jessie Matthews. CU Janet Leigh. CU Janet Munro and Ian Hendry. Janet rubbing her chin on Ian's whiskers. SV Ian Hendry, Janet Munro and Ron Fraser. GV Jon Pertwee and Charles Hawtrey. CU Pertwee eating cream cake. He looks round at Charles Hawtrey with disgust. SV Charles Hawtrey. GV Crowds round the swimming pool. SV Millie of Lollipop fame. GV Mass of bathing beauties for the Variety Club "Miss Variety Club of Great Britain". CU Camera on girls. CU One of the girls. GV Crowds round the swimming pool. SV Terence Alexander and Margaret Bristow judging the contest. LV Girls lined up with Joanna Ford from Balham nearest camera. SV ditto. Pan to Joanna Ford. CU Shaw Taylor taking pictures with cine camera. SV Harry Corbett presenting sash to the winner Joanna Ford aged 21 from Balham. GV Mass of press photographers. CU The winner. Miss Joanna Ford.


Ramsgate, Kent. Line of pretty girls standing in front of a building. Crowds watching. Man and a woman walking towards the girls. Film star Jessie Matthews, placing crown on head of one of the girls - nineteen year old Gwen Bourne. Close up shot of Gwen's face - she is Ramsgate's Beauty Queen. Queen with her Maids of Honour and Miss Matthews. Crowds applauding


Compilation of lots of extracts - check copyright especially for feature films. Reel 3 High angle shot of what looks like a set representing a radio studio. Orchestra plays and man rushes through the door to the microphone. C/U of the Stanley Lupino who is performing a song which may be called "What's Her Name" from the film "You Made Me Love You". Pete Murphy talks about the Lupinos - England's oldest theatrical family. He introduces Stanley, Laddie Cliff and John Wood who perform "a fast and funny number." The three singers wear tail suits and do a little choreographed routine to the song "Side By Side" from the film "Over She Goes". They walk around a hotel setting singing their song. Excellent camera work! The boys do a tap routine as couples dance a fox-trot around the outside of the dance floor. As the song ends they stand on a magic carpet which whisks them away (stop frame animation). The "cheeky chipmunk" is next - Jessie Matthews appearing in her first film "Out of the Blue". She kneels on the floor by the fireside and sings a torch song. Gene Gerrard is the star of the film. Jessie loves him but he prefers Kay Hammond. Carl Brisson - Danish actor - is seen in his first talkie "Chelsea Nights." He sings a song at the piano (may be called "My Ideal"). Pete tells us that Carl was a champion boxer - middle weight champion of Europe as well as being "cute"! Maurice Chevalier is featured next. He sings a romantic song to a young Margaret Lockwood "You Look So Sweet Madame" - this song is from the film "Beloved Vagabond". They flirt together. Bobby Howes sings a love song to Rene Ray. They sit on a garden swinging chair. He keeps moving closer to her and she shuffles along the seat trying to get away from him. The song is called "You Give Me Ideas" from the film "Please Teacher". Bobby Howes does a routine with the "Mighty Vera Pearce" - a rather large woman. This is from the film "Please Teacher". It is a comedy routine revolving around the fact that she is big and burly and throws him around a bit. The routine is performed in a cabaret club setting in front of a band. Diners laugh at their antics. They fall over and Bobby is thrown across a table. It is a parody of the "Apache" style of dancing and the Tango. Pete Murray observes: "Yes, you needed more than a voice to be a star of British musicals back in 1938." Reel 4. Compilation of lots of extracts - check copyright especially for feature films. C/U of Mary Ellis and Trefor (sic) Jones singing a song in Mary's only film "Glamorous Night." Gisele Preville sings an Ivor Novello song in "The Dancing Years." Dressed in Edwardian clothes Giselle sings a song with a group of people sitting at tables in an outdoor setting. M/Ss of Lance Fairfax singing the Toreador song ("Gypsy Blood") in "Carmen" in 1931. Harry Welchman is seen performing in "Maid of the Mountains". He sings a love song dressed in a military costume, an unknown actress is the object of of his affections. An operatic song "I Give My Heart" is performed in 1935 in the Elstree film of the same name by Gitta Alpar. The song is performed in a Regency setting, on the balcony of a very grand house. "My Song Goes Around the World" features the song "My Love My Life" sung in Italian by Joseph Schmidt - a Tenor from Vienna. Actors and actresses stand and listen to his song. In the film "Blossom Time" the song "Thine is my Heart" is sung by Richard Tauber to a large audience. There is an exchange of looks between a man and a woman in the audience. The man in military uniform looks down on the woman from a box. She smiles then turns back to watch the singer. Note: see other reels. There is a documentation file for this film. Includes music cue sheets and some correspondence between Terry Ashwood and Harry Wynder

NOT featuring Jessie but of interest to her fans.


Introductory intertitle reads: "Every now and then to most of us comes the urge to be natural and make whoopee in our own particular way. A theatrical garden party is a good jumping-off point." Low angle shot of a man standing on a side-show stage. He wears a large fur coat and bangs a large drum. Group of people stand and watch him, some of them look at the camera. A sign behind him reads: "The Grand Giggle". M/S of people walking around the garden party. Nice C/U of two girls riding the "galloping horses". Intertitle reads: "Even the smallest of slides can raise a smile - " Girls are seen queuing up for,- then coming down a slide - the cameraman is obviously hoping for a flash of knickers. Henry Hall and his band are seen all sitting squashed together on the slide - cute shot. Henry screws his face up - band members hold their instruments. Large sign over a tent reads: "At the Sign of the Golden Goblet - Hold my Hand -and Drink Heartily with the Gaiety Theatre Co. Under the direction of Stanley Lupino, Jessie Matthews*, Harry Milton, Billy Leonard, Marjery (sic) Wyn. Stanley Lupino stands with two glamour girls - one of is Chili Bouchier - Stanley introduces her as Dorothy Bouchier (Dorothy was Chili's real name) and the other as Dorothy Boyd (?). The man beside them is probably Harry Milton (Chili's husband). Stanley encourages onlookers to spend some money "Come on - it's for charity." Intertitle reads: "Another lucky man gets a dance with Evelyn Laye." M/S of a man doing an elegant dance with Evelyn - presumably he has paid for the pleasure. M/S of group of people at a picnic table watching a young boy tap-dance. M/S of the boy dancing - he wears a gendarmes (?) uniform. "Hale Family well met," (Nelson Keys might have said.)" M/S of Nelson Keys and two other theatrical stars not recognised - perhaps the woman is Binnie Hale? The other man doesn't look like Sonnie Hale - could be Robert Hale. They seem to be appealing for money. M/S of group of theatrical types fishing for bottles of champagne. Closer shot of the group. "Anybody know this lady - ? (No prize offered - it's Gwen Farrar.)" L/Ss of people walking around the garden party. M/S of people throwing wet sponges. The target is comedienne Gwen Farrar who ducks up and down behind a screen to avoid the missiles. She wears a large top hat. Not sure who the people throwing the sponges are - presumably actors and actresses rather than the public. Gwen pops up and down curling her lip - I think this is one of her trademarks. Note: we don't actually see Jessie Matthews in this film although she is mentioned in a sign above a tent. She is probably hiding from Chili Bouchier and Evelyn Laye - both of whose husbands were led astray by Jessie! Note: correct spelling of Chili's name is Chili - but for search purposes also Chilli.


Good comedy "Apache" routine and some fantastic costumes in these Cochran revue extracts Mr C.B. Cochran's famous "Palace" London production " The Music Box" Revue. Renie Riano and Solly Ward perform a satire on modern dancing. Comedy dance routine in front of a large curtain. At one stage Solly throws Renie on the ground as if in an Apache routine. He then pulls her up by a tassel on her dress which comes off in his hand. There is a "Legend of the Pearl" routine featuring Ethelind Terry. Chorus girls in very elaborate costumes parade in front of an ornate set. A silver curtain is drawn over the scene. Note: Jessie Matthews made one of her first stage appearances in this show. Don't think she appears in the dance sequence shown here though. The outfits in the Legend of the Pearl routine are absolutely fabulous!

MAISIE WELDON (on sleeve as WELDOM) (issue title RIGHT TURN)

Maisie Weldon does impressions of her own father, Harry and other musical stars of the day Pathe Studios, London. C/U of old photographs of man - Harry Weldon. Various shots of Maisie Weldon (Harry's daughter) doing impersonations of famous personalities. She starts with an impression of her father. She then does impression of "forces favourite crooner". She sings song "First Lullaby" in warbling voice , could be Anna Neagle or Vera Lynn? She then does an impression of musical actress Jessie Matthews singing "Behind Those Clouds".