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In the 19th century the music market comprised the sale of musical instruments, and mass produced sheet music. In the latter part of the 19th century pianos were a must have for the middle class household as Parlour music took off and the majority of sheet music published was transcribed for the piano. A piano score is a reduction of an orchestration that was intended for many instruments. There are three types of piano sheet music, one for solo piano, one for two pianos and the most common form for piano with vocal.

There were tremendous advances in science and technology at this time which resulted in a plethora of innovations. Recording of sound was invented and reproduction refined into ever more audible formats. By the 1920s the phonograph could be played on afforable gramophone players as well as less affordable (electrically amplified) phonograms. However the demand for phonograph 78's did not have significant impact on sheet music sales because singing around a piano was still very popular and required sheet music.

The sale of sheet music would continue to form an important part of the music industry until the end of the second world war in 1945 at which time phonograph albums were becoming popular and sales of records far exceeded those of music sheets.

Piano - vocal sheet music was published for all of Jessie Matthews songs as her musical comedy films became internationally popular.Whilst print run number varied, today most are collectable.

Here I have chosen a small sample of Jessie's sheet music for display. The sheets are presented for illustrative purposes only and subject to the legal disclaimer on the menu page.

Please click the thumbnails to enlarge the image and access the music.
Note that all covers are the original except for "Tonys In Town" and "Trusting My Luck" which are mock-up replacements.When accessing the music, in order to comply with copyright legislation, the first 2 songsheet thumbnails link to the complete written music sheet and the thumbnails thereafter link to the cover with audio samples in place of written music.




The best resource for any Jessie fan for sheet music is "The Jessie Matthews Songbook" which is printed by wise publications, order number AM90217 and ISBN 0-7119-3276-x. It is normally available from most good book shops. Further details from music sales Limited Uk and Music Sales Pty Limited Australia.